2022 Bi-State Battle Information

Bi State Battle 2022 Rules

  • The format of the races will be the same at each track. There will be heats and a Feature (with a B Main if needed). Each track will utilize DIRTcar UMP rules, but each track will follow their own rules that supersedes DIRTcar UMP rules.
  • The Battle will be using passing points at each track.
  • Highland will start 20 cars.
  • Pevely will start 24 cars.
  • Feature payout will not be the same at both tracks. Each track has their own payout.
  • No driver will get a discount at either track buying their pit pass.
  • Tire rule will be different at each track. Pevely20-40 option three corners. Right Rear 40 only. Highland – LM 20’s allowed on all four corners with LM 40 option on Right Rear.
  • Drivers need to participate in 75% of the races to be eligible to receive Point Fund money. For example, if there are 24 races in the Battle, a driver must race in 18 races. Point Fund will pay the top 12 in points. If a driver does not run in 75% of the races, the point fund money for their spot will be divided up for all other eligible drivers in the top 12 spots.

Top 12 drivers will receive point fund money. A driver must race in 75% of the races (heats & Features) in 2022-point events to be eligible for any point fund money. In the event of a tie, first tie breaker will be based on number of nights raced and then will be whoever had most heat wins. At least half of the scheduled races must be run to give out the point fund or to be considered a season. Driver must attend the Banquet or plan in advance to receive their check & trophy (either designate a person to pick up at the Banquet or let us know you will pick up after the Banquet).

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