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DIRTcar Racing Membership Required for All Sanctioned Events

All Division drivers must have a DIRTcar License to participate and receive benefits
CONCORD, N.C. – March 2, 2017 – Starting with the first events of 2017, any participants of a DIRTcar-sanctioned event will be required to hold a DIRTcar Racing membership. Any division without 100 percent membership participation will be at risk of violating the sanction agreement and suspension of the sanction by DIRTcar Racing. A one-night weekly sanctioned track temporary membership (for the traveling racer) will be accepted provided the driver completes the full application. However, temporary one-event memberships do not qualify for Regional and National points, insurance and appeal benefits provided to full DIRTcar members or Series events.

The practice of a mandatory membership is common in sports, including motorsports, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the drivers and the point fund, rule book, official
decisions and appeals. DIRTcar members participate in state, regional and national divisional point funds for drivers and tracks; where in 2016, over $550,000.00 was distributed to members. Members also receive discounted entry fees and/or discounted pit entry fees at selected events.

One benefit that every driver hopes never to take advantage of is the $50,000 DIRTcar Member Benefit Supplemental Participant Accident Policy over a track supplied deductible of $15,000. Boom Briggs, a Late Model Driver and DIRTcar Racing Member sustained an injury during the 2016 season that sidelined him for more than two months. A recent DirtonDirt.com article highlighted the benefits he received from his DIRTcar membership, and how happy he was to have had them.

“I got a check for $3,200 a couple weeks ago from [World Racing Group’s] insurance company,” said Briggs to DirtonDirt.com. “Thankfully my wife had good [health] insurance I’m under, but [theinsurance from World Racing Group] took every out-of-pocket expense I had and paid it. They covered all my deductibles, all my co-pays, the emergency room, my therapies, I’ve had to pay zero [overall] because of that. I want that mentioned because I’m very, very thankful for that. That’s why I’ll always buy that DIRTcar UMP license… to qualify for that insurance.” To find out how to become a DIRTcar Racing member, visit www.DIRTcarMembers.com.

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