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April 21, 2001 Results

PEVELY, MO (April 21, 2001) Defending UMP National Late Model and I-55 Raceway track champion Ed Dixon returned to his winning ways by sweeping the evening's events. It didn't come easy, in his qualifying heat, fourteen year old Justin Allgaier got the jump on Dixon and led the first seven laps of the heat. On the final lap, Dixon got underneath Allgaier coming out of turn four and just beat him across the finish line. Chuck Baird and Jason Frankel won the other qualifying heats. Dixon won the dash. Dixon jumped out to an early lead in feature event, but Tim Ratajczyk used the low side to take the lead on lap two. Ratajczyk held the lead for the next four laps, but Dixon came back strong on the high side and regained the lead on lap six. Dixon and Ratajczyk pulled away from the rest of the field and …

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April 14, 2001 Results

PEVELY, MO (April 14, 2001) Kevin Gundaker of St. Charles, MO continued his strong performance at I-55 Raceway by winning his second straight UMP Late Model feature. A strong field of competitors including NASCAR Winston Cup driver Kenny Schrader were on hand and made it difficult for Gundaker to claim the back-to-back victories. Gundaker started on the front role pole of the feature by virtue of winning his heat race and the dash. Gundaker used his front row starting position to jump out front at the start and had to hold off a hard charging Ed Dixon early on. Tim Ratajczyk moved up to battle Dixon for second allowing Gundaker to stretch out his lead. Meanwhile, Kenny Schrader and Mark Oller battled for fourth position for the entire feature. Ratajczyk held on for second, Dixon was third and Schrader beat Oller to line for fourth. Oller, Gundaker and Schrader won …

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April 7, 2001 Results

UMP Late Models Heat 1: 1. 67 Mark Oller, 2. 16H Mike Hammerle, 3. 87 Ken Rumble, 4. 33 Jason Frankel Heat 2: 1. 2J Dave Jumper, 2. 20 Mark Gansmann, 3. 51 Steve Shive, 4. 11 Kevin Gundaker Dash: 1. 67 Mark Oller, 2. 2J Dave Jumper, 3. 16H Mike Hammerle, 4. 11 Kevin Gundaker Feature: 1. 11 Kevin Gundaker, 2. 67 Mark Oller, 3. 50 Ed Dixon, 4. 112 Tim Ratajczyk, 5. 87 Ken Rumble, 6. 16H Mike Hammerle, 7. 33 Jason Frankel, 8. 2J Dave Jumper, 9. 51 Steve Shive, 10. 47 Danny Haynes, 11. 9B Chuck Baird, 12. 28 Don Klein, 13. 44 Dean Motsinger, 14. A1 Justin Allgaier, 15. B1 Bob Brown, 16. 10 Rodney Pense, 17. 20 Mark Gansmann UMP Modifieds Heat 1: 1. 14 Leroy Haney, 2. 11Z Brian Collins, 3. 29L Jeff LeBaube, 4. 1W Ray Walsh Heat 2: 1. 81 Mike …

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