August 19, 2000 Results

Dixon Continues Dominance

(Pevely, MO – Aug 19, 2000) Ed Dixon won his third consecutive feature and appears to be on his way to another championship in the UMP Late Model Division. Dixon started on the front row pole and led all twenty-five laps en route to victory and completed the sweep. Tim Ratajczyk challenged Dixon for the lead after a restart late in the race but had to settle for second. Mark Gansmann, Dave Jumper and Jason Frankel completed the top five. Tim Ratajczyk won the other heat race.

In the UMP Modified Division, Jim Shereck's biggest competition came from his own backup car. Kevin Gundaker, who was driving Shereck's backup car, tried lap after lap to wrestle the lead from Shereck. However, Shereck held on for the win, with Gundaker finishing second. Dean Hoffman made a late race pass and took third, while Tom Ratajczyk and Rusty Griffaw finished fourth and fifth. Dennis Richards, Kevin Gundaker, Jim Shereck and Tom Ratajczyk won the heat races and Shereck also won the dash.

Paul Belken, Jr. also swept every event in the Sportsman Division. Belken passed Scott Haynes with just five laps to go capture the win. Haynes held on for second. Brian Worley, Dennis Wernle and Scott Stuppy rounded out the top five. The other heat winners were Dave Jenkins, Dennis Wernle and Brian Worley. Paul Bauman and Gary Klein won the Cruiser car feature.

 Late ModelsHeat 1:1. 50 Ed Dixon2. 20 Mark Gansmann3. 6Q Pat Ryan4. 12 Mark SchaeferHeat 2:1. 112 Tim Ratajczyk2. 2J Dave Jumper3. F15 Ed Bauman4. 2 Darrell HoffmanDash:1. 50 Ed Dixon2. 112 Tim Ratajczyk3. 2J Dave Jumper4. 20 Mark GansmannFeature:1. 50 Ed Dixon2. 112 Tim Ratajczyk3. 20 Mark Gansmann4. 2J Dave Jumper5. 33 Jason Frankel6. 95 Jeff Johns7. F15 Ed Bauman8. 28 Don Klein9. 2 Darrell Hoffman10. 7 Rick Bayer11. 87 Ken Rumble12. B1 Mark Oller13. 10 Rodney Pense14. 6Q Pat Ryan15. 44 Dean MotsingerOther Cars PresentB1 Bob Brown51 Steve ShiveModifiedHeat 1:1. 21 Dennis Richards2. 16 Rusty Griffaw3. 377 Casey Pearson4. 64 Jim SmithHeat 2:1. 117 Kevin Gundaker2. 4J Scott Weber3. 11 Kyle Steffens4. 6 Ray WagnerHeat 3:1. 17 Jim Shereck2. 28 Chris Woods3. 4M Brent Mullins4. 7 Keith GriderHeat 4:1. 12 Tom Ratajczyk2. 1D Dean Hoffman3. 95 Jerry Grither4. 00 Steve PicouDash:1. 17 Jim Shereck2. 117 Kevin Gundaker3. 21 Dennis Richards4. 12 Tom RatajczykSemi:1. 1W Ray Walsh2. 14 Leroy Haney3. 68 Andy Anderson4. 21H Dave Henry5. 36 Danny Green6. 8 Kirk Murphy7. 88 Joe Puricelli8. 23 Denny Cagle9. 314 Jeff Masson10. 34 Kevin Gegg11. 70 Ken Peters12. 29C John Campbell13. 5 Ralph Wiltrout14. 45 Eric FranklinFeature:1. 17 Jim Shereck2. 117 Kevin Gundaker3. 1D Dean Hoffman4. 12 Tom Ratajczyk5. 16 Rusty Griffaw6. 28 Chris Woods7. 11 Kyle Steffens8. 95 Jerry Grither9. 377 Casey Pearson10. 1W Ray Walsh11. 00 Steve Picou12. 14 Leroy Haney13. 68 Andy Anderson14. 4J Scott Weber15. 360 John Seets, Sr.16. 81 Mike Barbeau17. 21H Dave Henry18. 4M Brent Mullins19. 88 Joe Puricelli20. 36 Danny Green21. 7 Keith Grider22. 6 Ray Wagner23. 56 Kevin Epperson24. 18R Shawn RayfieldOther Cars Present67 John Seets, Jr.59 Rich WhaleySportsmanHeat 1:1. D5 Dave Jenkins2. 00 Scott Stuppy3. 23 Mark Schnurbusch4. 38D Mark BlankeHeat 2:1. 46 Paul Belkin2. 28 Sam Worley3. 105 Matt Hancock4. 9 Doug WoodHeat 3:1. 74 Dennis Wernle2. 127E Tory Ernst3. 21 Ryan Gegg4. 6 Brian NoethHeat 4:1. 166 Brian Worley2. 118 Scott Haynes3. 15 Jim Troutman4. 10 Todd McGrawDash:1. 46 Paul Belkin2. 166 Brian Worley3. 00 Scott Stuppy4. 74 Dennis WernleSemi:1. 500 Dan Dixon2. 8 Eddie Lowry3. 19 Brad Grantham4. 79 Travis Tilley5. 97 Gary McKinnon6. 35 Mark StolleDQ-Light 42 Nathan WalshFeature:1. 46 Paul Belkin2. 118 Scott Haynes3. 166 Brian Worley4. 74 Dennis Wernle5. 00 Scott Stuppy6. D5 Dave Jenkins7. 9 Doug Wood8. 105 Matt Hancock9. 15 Jim Troutman10. 17H Dave Heimos11. 38D Mark Blanke12. 23 Mark Schnurbusch13. 500 Dan Dixon14. 128 Chris Sale15. 6 Brian Noeth16. 51 John Hoffman17. 10 Todd McGraw18. 79 Travis Tilley19. 21 Ryan Gegg20. 127E Tory Ernst21. 28 Sam Worley22. 18 Daryl Dodge23. 8 Eddie Lowry24. 19 Brad GranthamOther Cars Present53 John Dunshee, Jr.78B Rich Barker80 Steve Borgetti187 Jim Hardesty3 John HaleCruisersHeat 1:1. 77 Troy Conway/Chase Patterson2. 26 Paul Bauman/Gary KleinFeature:1. 26 Paul Bauman/Gary Klein2. 77 Troy Conway/Chase Patterson3. 54 Rob Inman/Todd Bockhoff4. 4 Matt Johnson/Lonnie Airsman5. 33 Jack Moser/Dan Moser6. 65 Matt O'Harver/Oscar Buchanon7. 9 Dave Laramore/Travis Baffer8. 44 Don Eaton/Dwight Bradley 
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