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Passing Points

I-55 Raceway Passing Point System

In addition to the finishing points, each driver will earn 1 1/2 points for every position he or she advances in the heat event from his or her initial starting position determined by the pill draw when he or she signs in. The line-up will be official when the pill draw closes. Any car arriving late (after pill draw closes) will start in the back of a heat race and will earn position points only, no additional points for advancing positions will be awarded. All cars moving onto the track from the staging area will be considered to have started the race. All cars not starting the race will receive points equal to last place qualifying points. All cars that scratch or drop out prior to the initial green flag after the line-ups are official, or drop out during the race will be considered passed cars. Any driver that would scratch or drop to the rear of the field with the intent of assisting another driver in gaining points is subject to disqualification.

In the event that two or more cars finish with a tie in qualifying passing points, the tie will be broken by the driver who earned the points first. The top 6 cars in total points scored will advance to the dash, from the dash the cars will start the feature heads up the way they finished the dash.

If fewer than 24 cars sign in, the remainder of the feature will be set by the total points scored in the heat races with the 10th highest total points scored starting 10th and so on until the field is set.

If more than 24 cars are present, 10th thru 18th will be set by total points scored in the heat races, the final 6 positions will come from the top 6 finishers from the semi feature, heads up the way they finished the semi feature. The semi feature(s) is lined up by the total points scored in the heat races 19th on the front row and so on.

1. 59pts
2. 55pts
3. 51pts
4. 47pts
5. 43pts
6. 39pts
7. 35pts
8. 31pts
9. 27pts
10. 23pts
11. 19pts
12. 15pts
13. 11pts
14. 7pts
15. 3pts

This is being posted to help explain the passing point system that will be used by I-55 Raceway this season for the U.M.P. Late Model, U.M.P. Modified, U.M.P./A.A.R.A. Sportsman & U.M.P./A.A.R.A. Pro 4 Stock divisions.

This is the type of lineup system used by many touring series including MARS & others. Hopefully this will help you from being confused when your favorite driver wins the first heat and doesn’t necessarily start near the front of the dash.

NOTE: These points have nothing to do with the season points for the track championship. The season championship points will be awarded in the same manner as last season. These points are only used for each nights lineups!!

The passing point system is the qualifying method for the UMP Late Models, UMP Modifieds, UMP/A.A.R.A. Sportsman & UMP/A.A.R.A. Pro 4 Stocks at I-55 Raceway. Passing points are used to determine the starting positions in the dash, feature and semi-feature events. Passing points are based on two ways to accumulate points, first each finishing position in the heat race has an assigned point value which are as follows:

PTS 59 55 51 47 43 39 35 31 27 23
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1st 59 55 51 47 43 39 35 31 27 23
2nd 60.5 55 51 47 43 39 35 31 27 23
3rd 62 56.5 51 47 43 39 35 31 27 23
4th 63.5 58 52.5 47 43 39 35 31 27 23
5th 65 59.5 54 48.5 43 39 35 31 27 23
6th 66.5 61 55.5 50 44.5 39 35 31 27 23
7th 68 62.5 57 51.5 46 40.5 35 31 27 23
8th 69.5 64 58.5 53 47.5 42 36.5 31 27 23
9th 71 65.5 60 54.5 49 43.5 38 32.5 27 23
10th 72.5 67 61.5 56 50.5 45 39.5 34 28.5 23

Formula is 1-1/2 points for each position gained plus the points for that position

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